what is robotic surgery!
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When a surgical robot is used to carry our complex non-invasive operations, this is what’s known as ‘robotic surgery’. The surgeon uses a combination of the latest computer technology and robotics to increase the level of control and dexterity during an operation. Although a new way of doing an operation, robotic surgery comes with a number of advantages. Patients suffer less pain after the operations, lose less blood, are less at a risk of infection, and recover faster.

This surgical method allows a surgeon to carry out a major operation after making only minimal tiny incisions. Apart from the patient being able to recover quickly, they will stay in the hospital for only a short period of time. Related to the fact that they will lose less blood, the patient wouldn’t need a transfusion during and after surgery. Compared to the traditional surgical methods, robotic surgery is less scary and allows for the quicker resumption of normal day-to-day activities.

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